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About Us

Born from a burning desire to create food with pizzazz, we began by growing our own chiles and adding them to our cooking. Bumper crops over the years paved the way into making spices, rubs and hot sauces from our bountiful harvest. The response from friends, neighbors and anyone else we could get to sample the stuff was fantastic! Over the years, we have crafted several flavors of sauces that were created to make a delicious difference in the food you prepare. Our goal is to make the food you make even better, and give you a smile at the same time.

Our company strives to make the very best sauces we can from the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on, all served up with a bit of humor and irreverence.

If you don't get the name, find someone who speaks Spanish. If you do get it and wonder about the origin, we got the idea from our days in corporate life, looking for a subtle, endearing way to call out deserving colleagues. When we decided to share our sauces with you, it just seemed like the perfect name for our brand.

So live better by adding some spice to your life. Smile a little each day. Give the dog a pat on the head as you walk by. Let someone change lanes in front of you. Wave at your neighbor. Call an old friend. And share some home cooking with some great hot sauces!

Don't be a Ricardo Cabeza!

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