Kenny's Jailhouse Blend


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Freddie's Rio

We thought that having a flavorful sauce that won’t melt your face but has a unique taste was a good idea. Add to that a bit of irreverence and a couple of secret ingredients and, well…There you go. Kenny and I had a couple of shots when we came up with this blend, so we added the flavor of Bourbon to the batch, and dang if it wasn't good!  Don’t worry there is no alcohol in this so feel free to have your under 21 friends enjoy it too. The Jailhouse reference comes from the annual Bourbon Festival in Kentucky and a certain hotel that some say is haunted. Whether you pour this on food, add to your recipes or create fantastic marinades, you are in luck! This unique blend of peppers and flavors will make people think you know something about food or cooking…which of course you don't.

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